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I'm at Uber AI Labs, fortunate to be working with a host of amazing people, spending most of my time on approximate inference with Thang Bui. I also spent some time developing representation learning for Go-Explore with Jeff Clune.

I completed my Masters in Computer Science at NYU Courant with Joan Bruna and other researchers in the CILVR lab. My thesis investigated how to leverage communication for efficient Monte Carlo sampling.

Before this, I spent a few years building StoryXpress with my co-founders at IIT Hyderabad (who by the way are killing it)!

I occassionally write on the blog and maintain a knowledge base. I also like to think of myself as a budding oenophile. Check out my wines and notes on the world map.

My CV is available at for more details.

Created: Sat May 30 2020

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